Doppler Elite Club: Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend

What is Refer A Friend?

Refer A Friend is a deal that our clients make the most of because it makes the most $ense and profit to them…

Simply put, for every person you refer that we build a website for, you get a return that puts your money right back in your own pocket!

For every referral you send us, the moment their website from Doppler Internet goes live, you are automatically given a free membership into the Doppler Elite Club program and receive 3 months free hosting immediately plus ALL our services are available to you at substantial price reduction.

Refer a Friend allows us to help cut your costs for some of the necessary things you need the most to succeed in this next coming year.

And you not only receive free hosting, but can also receive SEO booster kits, newsletter services, marketing services, social network advice and there are many other services available to you as well when you are a member of Doppler Elite. PLUS the training program to keep you informed and clear about how to get the most return out of your new website!

How will this benefit my business?

It preserves your marketing and advertising budget dollars…
It is a way to get free services that can really make a difference in how successful your new website markets your business. After all, cost-effective marketing is really where it is at these days and who wants to pass up a chance to get free services?
It lowers your marketing costs… 3 months of free hosting for every referral certainly saves your advertising dollars. So does a free SEO booster kit. So does a newsletter marketing campaign…
It spells success…we offer the most up to date marketing methods available in the internet world and they are available to you at a real savings! We offer discount on services that really make a difference for you and we want to to be able to make the most of your website – we have the tools to help you. Easy and convenient videos on why and how to market your site.  SEO. Newsletter marketing campaigns. Email collection services. The list goes on and on… You never know where your next very best customers are going to come from and we would really appreciate an opportunity to help you find them.

How do I get started?

Easy! Just fill out the form and include the business name or person you are referring for a new or reworked website, and include the contact person who would make the decision and their phone number. Nothing else is required.

We’ll call your referral and politely ask if they have an interest in the offer you just took advantage of and if they say yes, we go over the details with them and start the process with us that you just completed yourself. 
Voila! In a few days you have 3 months of free hosting to start and a membership that offers you lot of other marketing opportunities to take advantage of.
Yes, it really only takes a moment… remember to put your name, phone number, your business name and include a link to your site so we may put you on file as the referring party and it starts the ball rolling!